Digital Image Forensics Technique for Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using DoG and ORB

  • Patrick NiyishakaEmail author
  • Chakravarthy Bhagvati
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Copy–Move forgery or Cloning is image tampering or alteration by copying one area in an image and pasting it into another area of the same image. Due to the availability of powerful image editing software, the process of malicious manipulation, editing and creating fake images has been tremendously simple. Thus, there is a need of robust PBIF (Passive–Blind Image Forensics) techniques to validate the authenticity of digital images. In this paper, CMFD (Copy–Move Forgery Detection) using DoG (Difference of Gaussian) blob detector to detect regions in image, with rotation invariant and resistant to noise feature detection technique called ORB (Oriented Fast and Rotated Brief) is implemented, evaluated on different standard datasets and experimental results are presented.




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