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The status of EU official is one of the most relevant legal statuses in the legal framework, and it sets the grounds and the rules of the game for EU officials. The European civil service is composed of European officials, who are subject to a set of regulations, and of temporary and contract staff governed by public law. The current EU Staff Regulations, the main foundation of the European civil service, have undergone constant evolution over the years due to the dynamic and ongoing growth of the service up to the present time. The principal objective of the Staff Regulations is to regulate the relationship between the institutions and the EU officials, establishing mutual obligations and rights. Officials and agents are, consequently, holders of the rights and bearers of the duties set out in the Staff Regulations and in primary law. Any violation of the law could lead to the adoption of disciplinary measures and the possible termination of the employment relationship. The European institutions expect their staff to abide by high professional and ethical standards.


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