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  • Anna Maria Emili


The main innovation introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the principle of accountability that aims to guarantee compliance with data protection principles and implies a cultural change that endorses transparent data protection, privacy policies and user control, internal clarity and procedures for operationalising privacy and high-level, demonstrable responsibility to external stakeholders and data protection authorities.

GDPR requires the controller to be responsible for making sure all privacy principles are adhered to. Moreover, the GDPR requires that the organisation and organism demonstrate compliance with all the principles of the regulation: principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency, purpose limitation, data minimisation, accuracy, storage limitation, and integrity and confidentiality. The designation of Data Protection Officer (DPO) represents one of the ways to incorporate the accountability principle. The aim of this paper is to fulfil the gap in existing literature by strengthening the relevance of the role of the DPO in helping controllers and processors comply with the European Union law.


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