Small Is Beautiful: Growth and Detection of Nanocrystals

  • Jesse CoeEmail author
  • Alexandra Ros


With the advent of X-Ray free electron lasers (FELs), the field of serial femtosecond crystallography (SFX) was borne, allowing a stream of nanocrystals to be measured individually and diffraction data to be collected and merged to form a complete crystallographic data set. This allows submicron to micron crystals to be utilized in an experiment when they were once, at best, only an intermediate result towards larger, usable crystals. SFX and its variants have opened new possibilities in structural biology, including studies with increased temporal resolution, extending to systems with irreversible reactions, and minimizing artifacts related to local radiation damage. Perhaps the most profound aspect of this newly established field is that “molecular movies,” in which the dynamics and kinetics of biomolecules are studied as a function of time, are now an attainable commodity for a broad variety of systems, as discussed in Chaps.  11 and  12. However, one of the historic challenges in crystallography has always been crystallogenesis and this is no exception when preparing samples for serial crystallography methods. In the following chapter, we focus on some of the specific characteristics and considerations inherent in preparing a suitable sample for successful serial crystallographic approaches.


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