A Software for Production-Transportation Optimization Models Building

  • E. ParraEmail author
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Corporations are using large mixed integer mathematical programming (MIP) models in strategic, medium term and short term planning. To build these models it is necessary a mathematical programming language and a set of optimizers. Some expert in the particular business must code the variables, constraints and objective function in the equations that reflect the actual problem. The person who do this must be both an expert in the field where company operates and a mathematical expert to write the mathematical model. A software to do this job easy for the planner (non-mathematical expert) is introduced. The software uses only some intuitive codes and data obtained from different sources. The purpose of this model builder software is to generate MIP supply chain optimization models. A previous version of the software has been used by large Spanish company for both medium term detailed planning and to analyze strategic investments.


MIP models Mathematical programming software Supply chain optimization 


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