Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Phase-Contrast Microtomography: What Opportunities More for Regenerative Medicine?

  • Ginevra Begani Provinciali
  • Nicola Pieroni
  • Inna Bukreeva
Part of the Fundamental Biomedical Technologies book series (FBMT)


In regenerative medicine 3D X-ray imaging is indispensable for characterizing damaged tissue, for measuring the efficacy of the treatment, and for monitoring adverse reactions.

Among the X-ray imaging techniques, high-resolution X-Ray Phase Contrast Tomography (XRPCT) allows simultaneous three-dimensional visualization of both dense (e.g. bone) and soft objects (e.g. soft tissues) on scale of length ranging from millimeters to hundreds of nanometers, without the use of contrast agent, sectioning or destructive preparation of the sample. XRPCT overcomes the problem of incomplete spatial coverage of conventional 2D imaging (histology or electron microscopy), while reaches a higher resolution and contrast than standard 3D computer tomographic imaging.

It can be used as a prominent tool in regenerative medicine field, where a crucial step after artificial tissue implantation is to monitor its correct functioning and connection with the surrounding tissue.


X-ray phase contrast tomography Regenerative medicine Free space propagation Tissue engineering 


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