Peoples’ Power and Processes in Ushering Changes: Cases from Bihar

  • G. KrishnamurthiEmail author
  • Jaya Kritika Ojha
  • Amrita Dhiman
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The power of people and processes in mobilising a community and facilitating community institutions can usher in changes in communities and improve the lives of people. This chapter presents a case study based on the project of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India). The project focused on establishing strong processes and robust people’s institutions to provide clean, safe water for drinking and regular irrigation so that people could make efforts on their own to improve their own livelihoods, agricultural production and market linkages for enhanced household income, and simultaneously, to ensure good health, nutrition and sanitation in hamlets (known locally as tolas).

The case study was carried out using focus group discussions (FGD) and consultative meetings with beneficiaries in selected hamlets (tolas) spread over four blocks of the Muzzafarpur and Samastipur districts of northern Bihar, India, the project areas of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India). The case study presents processes, procedural and operational interventions taken up by the programme which brought about considerable changes in rural communities and established robust institutional structures for sustainable development.


People Processes Systems Interventions Institutions Change Sustainable development 


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