A Service-oriented Shop Floor to Support Collaboration in Manufacturing Networks

  • J. BarataEmail author
  • L. Ribeiro
  • A.-W. Colombo
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The present work addresses the problem of shop-floor agility, presenting it as the fundamental cornerstone for true agility and responsiveness of an enterprise willing to participate in highly dynamic collaborative organizations and supply chains. Clearly, as the economic climate toughens, the exploration of the increasingly volatile business opportunities requires such complex organizations. The feasibility of the architecture proposed is demonstrated in a pilot implementation in a near-real shop-floor. Emerging web standards such as the device profile for web services were used to guarantee cross-layer/abstraction interoperability ensuring that the shop-floor reacts positively to adjustments in the supply chain.


Supply Chain Service Oriented Architecture Shop Floor Simple Object Access Protocol Business Process Execution Language 
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  2. 2.P&T/H6O HUBSchneider Electric GmbHSeligenstadtGermany

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