Real-world Service Interaction with Enterprise Systems in Dynamic Manufacturing Environments

  • S. KarnouskosEmail author
  • D. Savio
  • P. Spiess
  • D. Guinard
  • V. Trifa
  • O. Baecker
Part of the Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing book series (SSAM)


The factory of the future will be heavily based on internet and web technologies. A new generation of devices with embedded hardware and software will feature greatly improved storage, computing, and networking capabilities. This will lead to a system landscape of millions of networked devices that is heterogeneous with respect to functionality but features standard interfaces. This new breed of devices will not only be able to store and report information about themselves and their physical surroundings, but execute more computations and local logic. They will form collaborative peer-to-peer networks and also connect to central systems. By eliminating media breaks, e.g. by replacing manual data entry with a direct connection to devices, this “internet of things” will feature end-to-end connectivity, making the models of the real world, as they exist in business systems, follow reality more precisely and with shorter delay. This will change the way we design, deploy and use services at all layers of the system, be it the device, line, plant, or company level or even between collaborating organizations. This chapter describes an architecture for effective integration of the services from the internet of things with enterprise services. We describe the case of centrally managing a population of devices that are located at different sites, including dynamic discovery of devices and the services they offer, near real-time cross-site interaction, interaction with business processes and distributed system management.


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  • D. Savio
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  • P. Spiess
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  • D. Guinard
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  • V. Trifa
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  • O. Baecker
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