RDF-GL: A SPARQL-Based Graphical Query Language for RDF

  • Frederik HogenboomEmail author
  • Viorel Milea
  • Flavius Frasincar
  • Uzay Kaymak
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This chapter presents RDF-GL, a graphical query language (GQL) for RDF. The GQL is based on the textual query language SPARQL and mainly focuses on SPARQL SELECT queries. The advantage of a GQL over textual query languages is that complexity is hidden through the use of graphical symbols. RDF-GL is supported by a Java-based editor, SPARQLinG, which is presented as well. The editor does not only allow for RDF-GL query creation, but also converts RDF-GL queries to SPARQL queries and is able to subsequently execute these. Experiments show that using the GQL in combination with the editor makes RDF querying more accessible for end users.


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