Sketch-based Retrieval of Vector Drawings

  • Manuel J. Fonseca
  • Alfredo Ferreira
  • Joaquim A. Jorge


Most drawing (and image) retrieval systems typically use query-by-example mechanisms or textual queries. In this chapter, we use sketches to retrieve complex vector drawings, as a solution to supplement and overcome limitations of conventional query methods.

We start by describing topological and geometric information extracted from drawings and mechanisms to convert them into feature vectors. However, comparing simple sketches to complex drawings requires new and innovative techniques to be successful. We describe a new multilevel approach, which allows for a coarse-to-detailed comparison between sketched queries and indexed drawings.

We present two application examples, one to retrieve clip art figures and another for CAD drawings, which illustrate this sketch-based retrieval technique. Then we describe a new paradigm of implicit retrieval, which combines sketch-based modeling techniques with 3D retrieval mechanisms to enrich the modeling process. Finally, we discuss the implications of our techniques to sketch-based interfaces in general.


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    • Alfredo Ferreira
      • Joaquim A. Jorge

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