Tricuspid Valve

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The morphologically right atrioventricular valve has three leaflets (tricuspid): septal, inferior (mural), and anterosuperior which are separated from each other by anteroseptal, superoinferior, and inferoseptal commissures, respectively. The inferior leaflet takes its origin exclusively from the diaphragmatic parietal wall of the ventricle and is often called the mural leaflet. Each commissure is usually supported by the corresponding papillary muscle. The most characteristic and distinguishing feature of the tricuspid valve is the direct attachment of the cords from the septal leaflet to the septum.


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Supplementary material

Video 3.1

Apical views showing dilated right heart

Video 1.avi (2,433 KB)

Video 3.2

Apical views showing tricuspid regurgitation on colour Doppler

Video 2.avi (1,224 KB)

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Video 3.3 Apical views from a patient with rheumatic mitral and tricuspid valve disease Video 3.avi (1,686 KB)
Video 3.4

Apical views from a patient with Ebstein anomaly

video 4-.avi (4,398 KB)

Video 3.5

Apical views showing mild tricuspid regurgitation on colour Doppler

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76621_2_En_3_MOESM6_ESM.mpg (1.2 mb)
Video 3.6 severe tricuspid regurgitation and PISA video6.avi (1,214 KB)


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