Robot-Assisted Radical and Partial Nephrectomy

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  • Andre Berger
  • Inderbir S. Gill
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The detection of renal tumors is increasing with the widespread use of ultrasound and CT scan. The laparoscopic approach for radical and partial nephrectomy offers less pain, smaller scars, and shorter convalescence. The use of the robot in urological procedures is rapidly increasing, especially in radical prostatectomy. Several groups have advocated the use of the robot in renal surgery for robot-assisted radical (RARN) and partial (RAPN) nephrectomy with the potential for improving surgical precision and facilitating intracorporeal suturing. These procedures are currently in evolution and at this writing the exact role of robotic renal surgery is debated. Herein, we describe the technical nuances of RARN and RAPN.


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