Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy

  • Tricia D. Greene
  • Edward G. Myer
  • Steven J. Shichman
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The first hand-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy (HALN) (1,2) and nephroureterectomy (3) in a human were reported in 1997. Many prior attempts to perform laparoscopic abdominal surgery while enabling the surgeon to retain tactile sensation had already been made, including finger dissection via a laparoscopic port site, insertion of a gloved hand into the abdomen (4), hand-assistance using an “extra-corporeal pneumoperitoneum access bubble” (5), intra-abdominal manipulation as an adjunct to laparoscopic nephrectomy (6), and HALN performed in a porcine model.


Renal Vein Radical Nephrectomy Harmonic Scalpel Donor Nephrectomy Renal Hilum 
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