Modern Dietary Fat Intakes in Disease Promotion

Part of the series Nutrition and Health pp 133-147


Insulin Resistance and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Induced by Conjugated Linoleic Acid in Humans

  • Madhuri VemuriAffiliated withDepartment of Nutrition, Western Human Nutrition Research Center, ARS, USDA, University of California
  • , Darshan S. KelleyAffiliated withWestern Human Nutrition Research Center, ARS, USDA, Department of Nutrition, University of California Email author 

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Key Points

• Mixed isomers of conjugated linoleic acid and purified t10, c12-CLA decreased body weight and body fat mass in animal models but not humans.

• Conjugated linoleic acid supplementation in humans have been shown to cause insulin resistance and fatty liver. Because of lack of any significant health benefit from CLA consumption and its associated risks on insulin resistance and fatty liver, this natural or synthetic group of fatty acids cannot be recommended as a supplement that can be used to improve human health.


Conjugated linoleic acid Insulin resistance Diabetes Fatty liver