Essential Tremor: Voice and Head Tremor

  • Roongroj Bhidayasiri
  • Daniel Tarsy
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Essential tremor (ET) is a monosymptomatic disorder that is most commonly characterized by a postural and kinetic tremor of the upper extremities which is often accompanied by head and voice tremor (see Chap. 23). In some patients, voice and head tremor predominate and can be the most apparent and disturbing manifestations of ET. The head tremor may be vertical (“yes-yes”), horizontal (“no-no”), rotatory, or mixed. Head tremor is rhythmic and typically continuous, showing very little change with alterations in head position. In milder cases, patients are often unaware of head tremor. Voice tremor produces tremulous and wavering speech without major dysarthria.


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Supplementary material

Essential Tremor-voice head tremor.mp4 (MP4 9,951KB)

The patient exhibits a mixed vertical and rotary head tremor, voice tremor, and mild finger tremor.


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