History of Cardiac CT: A Personal Story

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As the story goes, Wilhelm Conrad Röentgen, a physicist, was working late in his laboratory in Wurzburg, Germany, experimenting with a vacuum tube made of glass. He was using this to generate beams of electrons and wrapped the tube with black paper to avoid viewing the electric discharge occurring in the gas inside the vacuum tube. When he started his experiment, he noted that a piece of coated paper lying near the tube began to glow. He was astonished and did another experiment where he held a thick book between the tube and the paper – however, the “rays” simply passed through the book, as if totally unobstructed. When Röentgen looked at the coated paper, it showed a shadowy outline of the bones in his hand. This was November 8, 1895, and the world of the “X-ray” has never looked back.


History of cardiac CT Cardiac CT history X-ray history Röentgen, Wilhelm Conrad Computed tomography history 


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