African Histoplasmosis

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The dimorphic fungus Histoplasma capsulatum var. duboisii is the etiologic agent of African histoplasmosis. The disease has been limited largely to Central and Western Africa (especially Nigeria), and some other localized areas (the province of Natal in South Africa) (1–5). Abrucio Neto et al. (6) described a case of African histoplasmosis diagnosed in Brasil. The patient, an immigrant from Angola, had cutaneous lesions. Earlier, Oddo et al. (7) reported the first case of Histoplasma duboisii in South America. Again, the patient lived in Africa before moving to Chile. Manfredi et al. (8) examined the epidemiologic and clinical features of African histoplasmosis in Europe and the role played by the emergence of the HIV pandemic and the progressively increasing rate of travel and immigration as risk factors for this infection in other part of the world (9).


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