Combined Thyroid–Eye Clinics in the Management of Graves’ Ophthalmopathy


Patients with Graves’ ophthalmopathy are best served by a multidisciplinary approach by internists/endocrinologists and ophthalmologist/orbital surgeons. A close cooperation between both disciplines is required, especially in coordinating treatment directed at restoration of the euthyroid state and treatment directed at inactivation and rehabilitation of the ophthalmopathy. Combined thyroid–eye clinics guarantee a multidisciplinary approach, and most likely improve the quality of care. EUGOGO recommends referral of all GO patients except mildest cases to such specialist centers. Combined thyroid–eye clinics also create a favorable environment for teaching and research in this area. The 2009 Amsterdam Declaration on Graves’ Orbitopathy has set specific targets for implementing better care and prevention.


Graves’ ophthalmopathy Combined thyroid–eye clinics Multidisciplinary approach Quality of care Teaching Research Amsterdam Declaration 


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