CoolEmAll: Models and Tools for Planning and Operating Energy Efficient Data Centres

  • Micha vor dem Berge
  • Jochen Buchholz
  • Leandro Cupertino
  • Georges Da Costa
  • Andrew Donoghue
  • Georgina Gallizo
  • Mateusz Jarus
  • Lara Lopez
  • Ariel Oleksiak
  • Enric Pages
  • Wojciech Piątek
  • Jean-Marc Pierson
  • Tomasz Piontek
  • Daniel Rathgeb
  • Jaume Salom
  • Laura Sisó
  • Eugen Volk
  • Uwe Wössner
  • Thomas Zilio


The need to improve how efficiently data centre operate is increasing due to the continued high demand for new data centre capacity combined with other factors such as the increased competition for energy resources. The financial crisis may have dampened data centre demand temporarily, but current projections indicate strong growth ahead. By 2020, it is estimated that annual investment in the construction of new data centres will rise to $ 50bn in the US, and $ 220bn worldwide [23].


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The results presented in this chapter were funded by the European Commission under contract 288701 through the project CoolEmAll.


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