Supporting a Social Media Observatory with Customizable Index Structures: Architecture and Performance



The intensive research activity in analysis of social media and micro-blogging data in recent years suggests the necessity and great potential of platforms that can efficiently store, query, analyze, and visualize social media data. To support these “social media observatories” effectively, a storage platform must satisfy special requirements for loading and storage of multi-terabyte datasets, as well as efficient evaluation of queries involving analysis of the text of millions of social updates. Traditional inverted indexing techniques do not meet such requirements. As a solution, we propose a general indexing framework, IndexedHBase, to build specially customized index structures for facilitating efficient queries on an HBase distributed data storage system. IndexedHBase is used to support a social media observatory that collects and analyzes data obtained through the Twitter streaming API. We develop a parallel query evaluation strategy that can explore the customized index structures efficiently, and test it on a set of typical social media data queries. We evaluate the performance of IndexedHBase on FutureGrid and compare it with Riak, a widely adopted commercial NoSQL database system. The results show that IndexedHBase provides a data loading speed that is six times faster than Riak and is significantly more efficient in evaluating queries involving large result sets.


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We would like to thank Onur Varol, Mohsen JafariAsbagh, Alessandro Flammini, Geoffrey Fox, and other colleagues and members of the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research ( at Indiana University for helpful discussions and contributions to the Truthy project and the present work. We would also like to personally thank Koji Tanaka and the rest of the FutureGrid team for their continued help. We gratefully acknowledge support from the National Science Foundation (grant CCF-1101743), DARPA (grant W911NF-12-1-0037), and the J. S. McDonnell Foundation. FutureGrid is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant 0910812 to Indiana University for “An Experimental, High-Performance Grid Test-bed.” IndexedHBased is in part supported by National Science Foundation CAREER Award OCI-1149432.


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