1540 nm-Er/Glass Laser-Assisted Cartilage Reshaping For Protruding Ears (LACR)

  • Franck Marie Leclère
  • Serge Mordon
  • Mario A. TrellesEmail author


Approximately, one in 5000 children are born with auricular malformations (Wu et al. Lasers Med Sci 28(6):1475–82, 2013). The most common deformity, the protruding ears, or “bat ears,” can be a subject of much teasing from schoolmates. In the girls, the bat ears become even more prominent if they tie their hair above the head, say for ballet practice.


Otoplasty Ear reshaping by laser Laser surgery Cartilage reshaping Nd:YAG laser Surgical lasers Protruding ears Ear deformity 


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  • Serge Mordon
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  • Mario A. Trelles
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  3. 3.Fundacion Antoni de GimbernatInstituto Médico VilafortunyCambrilsSpain

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