Robotic Surgery

  • Mehraneh Dorna JafariEmail author
  • David E. Rivadeneira
  • Alessio Pigazzi


Touting advantages of enhanced 3-dimensional visualization, improved ergonomics, unparalleled articulation and the opportunity for an enhanced ability to suture/operate in the deep pelvis, robotic approaches to colorectal surgery have seen tremendous growth over the past several years. While the debate over the application and utilization for robotics goes on, this platform continues to gain traction worldwide, and there is an increasing need to understand the potential advantages and disadvantages of robotic approaches, current indications, and technical tips to improve patient outcomes.


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Drs. Pigazzi and Rivadeneira serve as consultants for Intuitive Surgical (Sunnyvale, CA).

Supplementary material

Video 24.1

Laparoscopic ligation of the inferior mesenteric vein and artery using a combination of clips and vessel ligation (MPG 31346 kb)

Video 24.2

Recognition of hypogastric nerve during total mesorectal dissection (MPG 27170 kb)

Video 24.3

Total mesorectal dissection. The robotic arms allow for articulation in the narrow pelvis. This dissection is carried to the dentate line (MPG 173716 kb)

Video 24.4

Technique for single stapling technique and transanal specimen extraction (MPG 233708 kb)


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