Topical Drug Bioavailability, Bioequivalence, and Penetration

pp 249-298


Mathematical Models for Topical and Transdermal Drug Products

  • Yuri G. AnissimovAffiliated withQueensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre, Griffith UniversitySchool of Biomolecular and Physical Sciences, Griffith University Email author 
  • , Michael S. RobertsAffiliated withTherapeutics Research Unit, School of Medicine, The University of Queensland, Princess Alexandra HospitalSchool of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences, University of South Australia

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Mathematical models of epidermal and dermal transport, which includes transport of a solute through vehicle and various layers of the skin, metabolism in the skin and its subsequent distribution and clearance into systemic circulation from underlying tissues, play an essential role in development of topical and transdermal drug products and are reviewed in this chapter.


Percutaneous drug delivery Mathematical modelling