Right Hemicolectomy and Ileocecectomy: Robotic Approach

  • Vamsi Ramana VelchuruEmail author
  • Leela M. Prasad


In this chapter, we will review the potential advantages and disadvantages of the robotic approach to a right hemicolectomy and discuss the technical differences to the laparoscopic approach.


Right hemicolectomy Ileocecectomy Robotic approach Colorectal surgery 

Supplementary material

Video 9.1

Ileocolic pedicle isolation with laparoscopic ligation (MP4 44131 kb)

Video 9.2

Ileocolic pedicle isolation with robotic ligation (MP4 45439 kb)

Video 9.3

Lateral to medial mobilization (MP4 42049 kb)

Video 9.4

Hepatic flexure mobilization for superior (MP4 42281 kb)

Video 9.5

Hepatic flexure mobilization from lateral (MP4 35615 kb)


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