Stoma Construction: Single-Port Laparoscopic Approach

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  • Phillip Fleshner


Laparoscopic stoma creation has become a favorable alternative to conventional open stoma construction, proving to be safe and effective. Laparoscopic techniques permit full visualization of the abdominal cavity, minimize surgical trauma, and afford the potential benefits of improved cosmesis, reduced pain, and shorter recovery time. The indications for laparoscopic stoma formation do not differ from those of open surgery. A variety of intestinal sites may be chosen for stoma formation, although the terminal ileum and sigmoid colon are most commonly used. While stomas are created traditionally with a formal laparotomy, more recently there have been many other means of creative and minimally invasive techniques that are now used to create a stoma. Laparoscopy has emerged as a frontrunner in stoma creation because of the minimally invasive technique and the rather quick patient recovery. Many surgeons now believe that this should be the primary means of stoma creation. In this chapter, we will review general principles of stoma creation and describe the single-port laparoscopic approach in detail.


Stoma Construction Single port laparoscopic approach Colorectal surgery 

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