Proctectomy: Total Robotic Approach

  • Jai BikhchandaniEmail author
  • Federico Perez Quirante
  • Anthony Firilas
  • Jorge Alberto Lagares-Garcia


This chapter will review the operative technique and advanced approaches to a total robotic low anterior resection (LAR) and abdominoperineal resection (APR). The hybrid approach has been described in detail in the previous chapter. Specifically, this chapter will address the technique of single or dual docking for the mobilization of splenic flexure during rectal and left colonic surgery. We will also describe the end-to-end anastomosis utilizing the double purse-string technique described by Prasad et al. and the transabdominal transanal (TATA) robotic-assisted, coloanal pull-through for sphincter-sparing ultralow rectal cancers.


Proctectomy Total robotic approach Colorectal surgery 

Supplementary material

Video 19.1

Medial to lateral dissection (MP4 30989 kb)

Video 19.2

Transection rectum (MP4 26146 kb)

Video 19.3

Intersphincteric proctectomy and coloanal pull-through (MP4 48779 kb)

Video 19.4

Robotic posterior mobilization (MP4 57250 kb)

Video 19.5

Robotic suture rectopexy (MP4 135488 kb)


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