Pulmonary Cryptococcosis

Pathophysiological and Clinical Characteristics
  • Miriam L. Cameron
  • John R. Perfect
Part of the Infectious Agents and Pathogenesis book series (IAPA)


Cryptococcus neoformans is an encapsulated yeast that has become a significant human pathogen in our enlarging population of immunocompromised hosts. The yeast was originally isolated by Sanfelice in 1894 from peach juice,1 but its role as a human pathogen was described soon after in 1894–1895 (Buschke and Busse) from a bone lesion.2,3 C. neoformans may also be a pulmonary pathogen in other mammals and even the bottle-nosed dolphin is not safe from a pulmonary infection.4 Since its discovery, C. neoformans has been a consistent cause of invasive mycoses, but with the advent of iatrogenic immunosuppression (glucocorticoids, cancer chemotherapeutic agents, anti—transplant rejection therapeutics),56 and with the appearance of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) during the past 10 years,7–10 this particular fungal infection has mushroomed into a common clinical problem.


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