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  • Ian H. Holmes
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Electron microscopy played an important role in the recent recognition of a large group of viruses associated with diarrheal disease in the young of humans, of many kinds of animals, and of birds, so it is fitting that the name chosen for them should be based on their particle morphology. Flewett et al. (1974a) derived the name Rotavirus from the Latin “rota” (“wheel”) because in negatively stained preparations, the inner capsid subunits suggest the appearance of spokes supporting a smooth rim of outer capsid. In early publications, members of the group were referred to as “orbivirus-like” (Bishop et al., 1973; Middleton et al., 1974), “infantile gastroenteritis virus (orbivirus group)” (Petric et al., 1975), and “reovirus-like agents” (Fernelius et al., 1972; Kapikian et al., 1974), and the term “Duovirus” was also proposed (Davidson et al., 1975a), but Rotavirus came into more common use and was adopted officially for the genus (Matthews, 1979).


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