Methionine Enkephalin

A New Cytokine with Antiviral and Antitumor Activities
  • Nicholas P. Plotnikoff


Recently met-enkephalin has been identified to be derived from its prohormone, pro-enkephalin A in macrophages and T helper cells. Its immunological profile is similar to IL2 and gamma interferon. Met-enkephalin specifically increases numbers of cytotoxic cells (CD8 and NK) that are effective against viruses and tumors. Anti-viral activity was demonstrated against Herpes, AIDS, CMV, Coronavirus, FluA, and Japanese Encephalitis either alone or in combination with known anti-virals. Anti-tumor activity was seen against melanoma, sarcoma, lung cancer, colon, leukemia, and neuroblastoma. In addition, clinical studies in AIDS and cancer patients are discussed.


Opioid Receptor Kaposis Sarcoma Japanese Encephalitis Human Lung Cancer Cell Line Blastogenic Response 
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