Preventing Double-Booking of Calendar Events

  • Jeffrey M. Rhodes


The genesis of this chapter was a request by our Registrar for a solution so that cadets scheduling tutor appointments would be prevented from trying to book an appointment that overlaps another tutoring session. Each tutor has his or her own SharePoint calendar. They had a solution in our previous SharePoint 2010 version, but that involved “Resource Reservations” and was deprecated in SharePoint 2013. I found some references to a JavaScript/jQuery solution, which as you can probably already tell were much more up my alley. In this solution, we check any existing regular or recurring appointments before accepting a new or edited appointment. If the new or edited appointment overlaps an existing appointment, the user is shown a message and the appointment does not go through. Note that this approach checks against existing recurring appointment but does NOT check a new recurring appointment against conflicts. So new recurring events could overlap either other recurring appointments or existing regular appointments.

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