The Green and Brown Colors of Synthetic Quartz Crystals

  • L. I. Tsinober
  • L. G. Chentsova
  • A. A. Shternberg


Green and brown crystals have been produced from aqueous solutions of K2CO3 under laboratory conditions. In nearly all cases the steel autoclave was found to have corroded greatly, and to be coated with a greenish material. The seeds were slices cut parallel to the planes (0001), (\(\mathop 1\limits^ -011)\) or \(\mathop \text{r}\limits_\text{ - }, (10\mathop 1\limits^-1)\) or R, or were slices taken at an angle to the R plane (Fig. 1).


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  • L. I. Tsinober
  • L. G. Chentsova
  • A. A. Shternberg

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