Intracellular Protein Synthesis and the inVitro Translation of Coronavirus JHM mRNA

  • Stuart Siddell
  • Helmut Wege
  • Andrea Barthel
  • Volker ter Meulen
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 142)


The genome of the murine coronavirus JHM is a single-stranded, non-seamented RNA with a molecular weight of 5.4 — 6.7 × 10. The genomic RNA is infectious and at least one third is polyadenylated (Lai and Stohlman, 1978; Wege et al., 1978). The virion contains six proteins, four of which are glycosylated (Wege et al., 1979; Siddell et al., 1981b), including high and low molecular weight glycoproteins and a phosphorylated nucleocapsid protein of 60,000 molecular weight (Stohlman and Lai, 1979; Siddell et al., 1981a). Associated with purified virions is a protein kinase activity which specifically phosphorylates pp60 in vitro (Siddell et al., 1981a).


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  • Helmut Wege
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  • Andrea Barthel
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  • Volker ter Meulen
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