Application of the Thermodynamic Method in the Capillarity Theory

  • V. N. Vigdorovich
  • A. E. Vol’pyan
Conference paper


Currently, the generally accepted method of solving problems concerning the capillarity theory is to make use of the two well-known relationships: the Laplace formula
$$ \Delta \,\,p = {\sigma _1}\left( {\frac{1}{{R1}} + \frac{1}{{R2}}} \right)\,\, $$
and Young’s equation
$$ {\sigma _1}\,\cos \,\alpha \, = \,{\sigma _2}\, - \,{\sigma _3}. $$


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  • V. N. Vigdorovich
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  • A. E. Vol’pyan
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  1. 1.M.I. Kalinin Institute of Nonferrous MetalsUSSR

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