Cosmological Consequences of Massive Neutrinos

  • Fang Li Zhi


In 1931 W. Pauli suggested the existence of the neutrino to explain the ‘loss of energy’ in nuclear β-decay1. Although many experiments indicated that this suggestion is correct, neutrinos were never detected directly until the 1950’s, after the development of reactor neutrino experiments. The reason is that the neutrino only interacts weakly and so almost everything is transparent with respect to it. Not only does this ‘weak’ particle play an important role in particle processes, but might be the dominant form of matter so far as the Universe as a whole is concerned. This point is derived from the recent discovery that the neutrino rest mass is probably non-zero2,3. It has been understood from the beginning that the rest mass of the neutrino must be small. Especially, the massless model has been generally accpeted after revealing the violation of P-invariance in weak interactions. However, the existing laboratory data only give a rather weak bound on the neutrino mass4,5.


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