Regulation of Phosphate and Mineral Metabolism

Volume 151 of the series Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology pp 209-216

Hypophosphatemia and Osteoblast Function in Human Bone Disease

  • A. M. ParfittAffiliated withBone and Mineral Research Laboratory, Henry Ford Hospital
  • , A. R. VillanuevaAffiliated withBone and Mineral Research Laboratory, Henry Ford Hospital

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There is experimental evidence from vitro and in vivo studies for three main effects of hypophosphatemia and phosphate depletion on bone. These are — an increase in osteoclastic resorption,1,3 a decrease in the rate of collagen synthesis by osteoblasts, 3,4 and defective bone mineralization.3,5 Studies in the intact rat using tetracycline labeling were reviewed by Ivey and colleagues at a previous Phosphate Workshop.6 This paper summarizes the relationship between osteoblast function studied by double tetracycline labeling7 and plasma inorganic phosphate (P) in various human metabolic bone diseases associated with chronic hypophosphatemia.