Clinical Course and Laboratory Data in Hypertension Associated with Oral Contraceptives

  • J. A. Luetscher
  • M. H. Weinberger
  • A. J. Dowdy
  • G. W. Nokes


During the past two years, four reports have appeared, indicating that hypertension occurs in some women taking estrogengestagen combinations for control of conception or menstrual irregularities. Swaab (1) suggested that blood pressure could increase markedly during the use of oral contraceptives. Laragh (2) presented data on eleven patients with hypertension during contraceptive administration. In six of these patients, hypertension was first noted after starting medication. Six of the eight patients who stopped medication showed improvement or disappearance of the hypertension. In two cases, hypertension reappeared when medication was re-instituted. Woods (3) reported six patients with hypertension which was precipitated or aggravated by oral contraceptives.


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  • J. A. Luetscher
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  • M. H. Weinberger
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  • A. J. Dowdy
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  • G. W. Nokes
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  1. 1.Department of MedicineStanford Medical CenterPalo AltoUSA

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