Insulin Production in Overt (Maturity-Onset) Diabetes: Absence of Hyperinsulinemia Despite Hyperglycemia Induced by Contraceptive Steroids

  • E. M. Gold
  • J. Carvajal
  • P. A. Rudnick
  • K. E. Gerszi


During the course of recent studies with glyhexamide, a new cyclic sulfonylurea, it was found that while this agent was an effective hypoglycemic agent in adult diabetics (1), this activity was unaccompanied by increases in serum (immunoreactive) insulin concentrations (2). These studies fully confirmed reports by other workers with chlorpropamide (3), tolbutamide (4), and acetohexamide (5). The failure of sulfonylureas to raise serum insulin not only leaves uncertain the mode of sulfonylurea action during prolonged treatment but, in addition, invites questions regarding the insulin response of untreated diabetics to hyperglycemia. Thus, while glyhexamide failed to elevate circulating insulin, it was equally apparent from our data that, unlike normals (6) and untreated maturity-onset diabetics (7), restoration of hyperglycemia following treatment was also an ineffective stimulus to insulin secretion.


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  • E. M. Gold
    • 1
  • J. Carvajal
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  • P. A. Rudnick
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  • K. E. Gerszi
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  1. 1.Department of MedicineVeterans Administration Center and UCLA Center for the Health SciencesLos angelesUSA

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