Cell Lines in Lymphoid and Hematopoietic Tissue

  • E. A. Luriya
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Hematopoietic tissue is a complex population system. It consists of dividing and mature cells that have differentiated in different ways. The number of cells forming the hematopoietic tissue is enormous, its composition is being constantly and rapidly renewed, and many cells (including dividing cells) can move about from place to place. An important principle governing the structure of hematopoietic tissue is that the constant loss of cells is made good by division of cells that are not those that perform functions of importance to the animal as a whole. Special precursor cells, not yet functionally mature, are the ones that divide. The variety of precursor cells is less extensive than the variety of mature cells. Throughout life, processes of differentiation are taking place in the hematopoietic tissue, during which the precursor cells choose the direction of their subsequent development. This choice, like the regulation of the number of the population, forms the basis of existence of the hematopoietic tissue as an orderly cell system and a component of the whole organism. As with any population of living organisms, the relationships among its members are of decisive importance for hematopoietic tissue. Although hematopoietic tissue, being within the organism, is exposed to powerful influences from the organism’s components (some of these influences being warning signals destined for this tissue alone), interactions within the population itself are in fact the most important influences to which cells of hematopoietic tissue are exposed.


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