Advances in Aluminum—Air Salt Water Batteries

  • B. M. L. Rao
  • W. Kobasz
  • W. H. Hoge
  • R. P. Hamlen
  • W. Halliop
  • N. P. Fitzpatrick


The aluminum-air cell belongs to the category of metal-air cells.(1–4) Of these, zinc-air batteries operating in alkaline electrolytes have been developed for industrial (railway signaling, telephone branch exchange) and commercial (hearing aid, powering light buoys) applications. The energy densities of the industrial batteries are 150–300 Wh/kg and 175–400 W h/liter. The aluminum-air cell potentially has a higher energy density than the zinc-air cell. Therefore, successful development of the aluminum-air cell would provide a significant new battery product opportunity. The aluminum-air products range from salt water batteries for consumer use to alkaline electrolyte batteries for industrial applications. Also, the aluminum-air battery is under development as a power source for electric vehicles. This is because aluminum contains approximately one-half the energy content of gasoline per unit weight and three times the energy per unit volume. In this chapter, we discuss advances in salt water-based aluminum-air batteries.


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  • W. H. Hoge
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  • R. P. Hamlen
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  • W. Halliop
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  • N. P. Fitzpatrick
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  2. 2.Alcan International Ltd.KingstonCanada

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