George Kelly’s Anticipation of Psychology

A Personal Tribute
  • Walter Mischel


George Kelly was my teacher in those first graduate seminars in the mid-1950s that mattered most to me, my guide in the first exciting professional encounters with clients that opened so many vistas, and my personal friend in the too few years of his life that followed. More than anyone, he excited me most about the possibilities for psychology—a psychology that was then (as he more than anyone recognized) so barren and schizoid, insisting that its own practitioners were hypothesis-testing wisdom-seeking scientists while its “subjects” and “testees” were the reflexive victims of a unidirectional causation, “shaped” relentlessly by an external environment that would not let them reciprocate. His wisdom and extraordinary good sense in the face of neglect by a seemingly impervious academic establishment seemed impressive (sometimes heroic) from the start.


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