The Art of Accompanying and Coaching

  • Kurt Adler


What I have said thus far should have shown how much knowledge is necessary to form the basis on which the art of the accompanist and coach will grow. Those who read the introduction will recall my attempt to have them realize how elusive the meaning of the word “art” is, and how difficult it is to describe artistry adequately. The specific art of accompanying and coaching lies in the ability to deeply feel the soloist’s intentions and his artistry; to attune oneself to his artistic style; to recognize his artistic shortcomings and to make up for them by extending a helping hand to lead him, giving him a sense of artistic mastery and matching it by following him. In short, the art of accompanying and coaching is a continuous give and take, a molding of two personalities into one. It consists in serving the music humbly, but with a secure conviction that one is performing it properly. Nobody can describe the elation and the deep happiness that come when this oneness is achieved.


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