Influence of Pressure and Volume Overload on Diastolic Compliance

  • H. P. Krayenbuehl
  • O. M. Hess
  • M. Ritter
  • J. Schneider
  • E. S. Monrad
  • J. Grimm


Traditionally, the passive diastolic properties of the intact ventricle are assessed from the diastolic portion of the pressure-volume or pressure-length relationship. Compliance of the ventricular chamber refers to the ratio of change in volume (dV) to a change in pressure (dP). The reversed ratio represents chamber stiffness (dP/dV). The relationship between P and V throughout diastole is curvilinear. It is popular to fit the P-V data to an exponential relation, although in many instances (and also in pressure and volume overload) the observed P-V coordinates may clearly deviate from a true exponential relationship. The slope of the pressure-volume relation is termed the constant of chamber stiffness and represents a nonnormalized quantity of diastolic stiffness.


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  • H. P. Krayenbuehl
  • O. M. Hess
  • M. Ritter
  • J. Schneider
  • E. S. Monrad
  • J. Grimm

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