FIFO Buffers in tie Sauce

  • Franck Pommereau
Part of the The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science book series (SECS, volume 567)


This paper introduces a new semantics for FIFO buffers (more usually called channels) in a parallel programming language, B(PN)2. This semantics is given in terms of M-nets, which form an algebra of labelled high-level Petri nets. The proposed approach makes usage of asynchronous link operator, newly introduced in the algebra of M-nets, and repairs some drawbacks of the previous M-net semantics. Channels are now fully expressible within the algebra (it was not the case), they are significantly smaller (in number of places), and they offer several other advantages.


Parallel programming Petri nets process algebras FIFO buffers semantics 


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  • Franck Pommereau
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  1. 1.LACLUniversit Paris 12CrteilFrance

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