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Role of Macrophage Procoagulant Activity in Mouse Hepatitis Virus (MHV) Infection: Studies Using T Cell MHV-3 Clones and Monoclonal Antibody 3D4.3

  • S. Chung
  • C. Li
  • L. S. Fung
  • A. Crow
  • R. Gorczynski
  • E. Cole
  • S. Perlman
  • J. Leibowitz
  • G. Levy
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 342)


Murine hepatitis virus strain 3 (MHV) infection produces a strain dependent spectrum of disease1,2. Mice of the A and SJL strain are fully resistant to the effects of viral infection, whereas mice of semisusceptible strains (C3H/HeJ) develop acute hepatitis which progesses to varying degrees of chronic hepatitis. Mice of fully susceptible strains (Balb/cJ, C57BL/6J) die of fulminant hepatic failure. The resistance of the A strain mice cannot be explained by a lack of a cellular receptor for MHV as viral binding occurs on cells from these resistant mice3,4. Furthermore, restriction of viral replication does not explain resistance, as resistance occurs despite the presence of active viral replication in the resistant A strain. Bang and Warwick previously reported that differences in viral replication in cultures of macrophages reflects the relative susceptibility/resistance (S/R) to viral infections5. However, several laboratories have shown that MHV replicates in cultures of macrophages, endothelial cells and hepatocytes from both susceptible and resistant animals4,6–8although viral replication occurs to a lesser degree in cells derived from resistant animals6,9. Thus, absolute differences in viral replication do not account for the strain dependent S/R pattern seen in MHV infection.


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  • L. S. Fung
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  • A. Crow
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  • R. Gorczynski
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  • E. Cole
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  • S. Perlman
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  • J. Leibowitz
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  2. 2.Departments of MedicineUniversity of TorontoCanada
  3. 3.The University of IowaUSA
  4. 4.University of TexasUSA

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