Family Clionaidae D’Orbigny, 1851

  • Klaus Rützler


Clionaidae (Demospongiae, Hadromerida) receives a new definition by accepting Spheciospongia and massive species previously assigned to Spirastrella (Spirastrellidae). A recently described genus, Cervicornia (for Alcyonium cuspidiferum Lamarck) is included here and distinguished by its specialized incurrent fistules and endopsammic choanosomal pulp. Clionaopsis new name is suggested to replace the preoccupied [Clionopsis] Thiele. Spheciospongia remains distinct for its pore sieves. All other genera are separated by their spicule complements which include tylostyles (with some oxeote or stylote modifications or additions) as megascleres, and delicate (compared to Spirastrellidae) spirasters, amphiasters, smooth and spiny microxeas, and bent or spiral, smooth or spiny microstrongyles and microrhabds as microscleres. Eight genera are considered to be valid.


Porifera Demospongiae Hadromerida Clionaidae Cervicornia Cliona Clionaopsis Cliothosa Pione Spheciospongia Thoosa Volzia 


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