Intraoperative and Laparoscopic Ultrasound During Pancreatic Surgery

  • W. Scott HeltonEmail author
  • J. Bart Rose


Within this chapter we explore the current uses of ultrasound in pancreatic surgery. The first section is dedicated to the discussion of proper preoperative patient setup, intraoperative ultrasound technology, normal anatomic findings, and general indications for use. The second portion of the chapter focuses on disease-specific indications and the ultrasonographic findings associated with these conditions. We conclude by briefly touching on emerging uses of IOUS in pancreatic surgery.


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Common bile duct






Gastroduodenal artery


High-intensity focused ultrasound


Intraoperative ultrasound


Inferior vena cava




L/R renal artery


Laparoscopic ultrasound




Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1


Neuroendocrine tumor




Pancreatic duct


Portal vein




Splenic artery


Superior mesenteric artery


Superior mesenteric vein


Splenic vein

Supplementary material

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Laparoscopic pancreas scanning technique (MOV 101084 kb)


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