Environmental Interactions of Geo- and Bio-Macromolecules with Nanomaterials

  • Navid B. SalehEmail author
  • Jamie R. Lead
  • Nirupam Aich
  • Dipesh Das
  • Iftheker A. Khan


Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) are mostly synthesized with modified surfaces using various surfactants, polymeric, or biomolecule coatings to achieve desired functionality. When exposed to the environment, coatings on the ENMs will undergo the first set of interactions with natural geo- and bio-macromolecules pre-existing in aqueous and/or soil matrices. Such interfacial interaction will likely alter the conformation and extent of coverage of the synthetic ENM surface coatings via exchange, displacement, and/or overcoating by environmental macromolecules. The exchange kinetics and extent of replacement of the synthetic coatings will profoundly impact environmental fate, transport, transformation, and toxicity of the ENMs. This chapter discusses the state-of-the-art literature to identify key synthetic coating types, their interaction with the environmental and biological macromolecules, and illustrate the existing challenges to determine coating exchange kinetics and its environmental implications on ENMs.


Humic Acid Surface Coating Fulvic Acid Ligand Exchange Soft Layer 
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