Thirty Years of Interplanetary Background Data: A Global View

  • Eric Quémerais
  • Bill R. Sandel
  • Vladislav V. Izmodenov
  • G. Randall Gladstone
Part of the ISSI Scientific Report Series book series (ISSI, volume 13)


This chapter compares results of models of the interplanetary background, such as the one presented in Chap.1, to different datasets obtained in the outer heliosphere (Voyager-UVS, Alice New-Horizons) and in the inner heliosphere (SWAN-SOHO, STIS-HST). The aim of this work is to combine these datasets and the models and to derive calibration factors that give a coherent picture of the various instruments and the interplanetary background. These datasets do not overlap and the models are used to bridge the gaps in distance or in time. In the case of Voyager 1 and 2 UVS instruments, the calibration factors derived here are significantly different from the values published by Hall (Ultraviolet resonance radiation and the structure of the heliosphere. Dissertation, University of Arizona, 1992).


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