Introduction: Situation Awareness, Systems of Systems, and Maritime Safety and Security

  • Jan TretmansEmail author
  • Piërre van de Laar


This book presents and discusses various challenges and solutions for developing systems-of-systems for attaining situation awareness, with applications in the domain of maritime safety and security. This chapter introduces the book, describes the Dutch research project Poseidon from which it resulted, provides an overview of the chapters it contains, and introduces the core topics: situation awareness, systems-of-systems, and maritime safety and security.


Anomaly Detection Situation Awareness Automatic Identification System Passenger Ship Maritime Safety 
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This research has been carried out as a part of the Poseidon project at Thales under the responsibilities of the Embedded Systems Institute (ESI). This project is partially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs under the BSIK program.

Special thanks go to Thales Netherlands for organizing the Industry-as-Laboratory project Poseidon in their company. We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation with many people at Thales Netherlands during the Poseidon project.


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